What a Privilege to Vote and to Run!

 My wife, son and myself just after voting in the advanced polls!

My wife, son and myself just after voting in the advanced polls!

This campaign has been nothing short of amazing!  We've got every candidate talking about the Wyecroft bridge, we've raised awareness about what's happening to our Harbour and we've shown that together we can have better communication and engagement across the Ward.

The same old politics cannot continue.  Together we can take on the heavy lifting, address our major issues head on and bring attention back to Ward 1 where it has been lacking for so long.

I have the experience, I know the issues, I need your help.

With 1 week left, please get involved.  Email me, call me and you'll get me directly, or message me through the website.  

No matter what, get out and vote next Monday!!

Yours in true gratitude,

Sean O'Meara

Posted on October 20, 2014 .

Letter from Anthony Longo supporting the Wyecroft Bridge

Dear Municipal Leaders,

Thank you for your commitment to our community and public service.  We wish you all the best in the upcoming elections.

Our family firm, Longo’s, has a location at Burloak and the QEW on Wyecroft Road and has been a proud partner in the Oakville and Halton community for over eight years at this location and in four other locations throughout Halton for over forty-two years.  We look forward to providing more employment opportunities and continued services to our valued customers of this community for many years to come.  As you may know, we have been and will continue to be active in the community through donations and support for various charitable organizations.  Giving back to the community is core to our values.

As the election draws near, we felt it necessary to comment on an outstanding issue in our community that we feel should be of concern to all candidates in the Halton and Oakville area.  Traffic congestion is not just a problem facing the residents of the GTA; traffic congestion has become a major issue in the Halton and Oakville area.  We are now very concerned about the potential for added and long-term consequences that traffic congestion will have on our customers’ shopping experience, our company’s supply chain and our employees’ ability to travel conveniently to their place of work.

We are encouraged by and optimistic about the candidate for Region and Town Council for Ward 1, Sean O’Meara, as he has brought renewed attention to the problem of traffic congestion and has been calling on the Town of Oakville to put the Wyecroft Bridge on the Town’s 10-year Capital Plan.  The objective here would be to connect Bronte Road to Wyecroft at Burloak with a new bridge.  In addition to Mr. O’Meara’s commitment, Councillor for Ward 2, Pam Damoff, has also indicated her support to see this infrastructure project become a priority for the Town.

Longo’s supports these efforts to address our infrastructure needs and we believe that this bridge is long overdue.  We are now calling on all candidates, both for the Town of Oakville and the Region of Halton, to make this project a priority for Council.

As our community continues to grow, the need for a comprehensive plan to move residents around our Region will be vital to the livability of our Town.  Public, pedestrian and vehicular traffic would all be well served by the proposed bridge.

We remain committed to making our community a more livable place to be and if we can be of any further assistance on this issue or any other, please do not hesitate to contact us.


Anthony Longo

President & CEO

Longo Brothers Fruit Markets Inc.

Posted on October 15, 2014 .

Speaking for the people in Ward 1

On a rainy night when Ward 1 residents had every reason to stay home, they choose to venture out to hear what their prospective municipal candidates had to say.  

Close to 300 attended the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre with standing room only.  It was an opportunity for candidates to show their vision, bring forth their ideas and demonstrate their passion.

By the end of the night, I felt I had done just that.  Residents saw my passion, my commitment and my energy to the issues facing Ward 1.  I will not shy away from the major issues we need to accomplish.

•    I have a plan to get us moving, but more importantly I have the will and work ethic to push our needs from mere priorities to realities.

•    I want to work with Council to get the 20 year old approved Wyecroft Bridge from Bronte Road to the RioCan Centre on our capital plan. 
•    I want to get the underpass at the Burloak railway crossing on our capital plan.
•    I want to engage all of the Ward 1 business community and drive economic redevelopment forward and not just rely on our BIA to implement change. 
•    I want to work with our seniors to build a plan so that they can enjoy being out in our community and get around Bronte with ease.
•    I want to respect our green space and tree canopy so that my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy them the way I have.
•    I want to work with the boating community to ensure our unique character and harbour are protected and that a Regional Watershed plan is put in place.

Most importantly I want to bring Town and Regional Council to you.  The conversation cannot be one way.  I want to work hard to ensure that every voice is heard, and we all have a shared ownership in our future.

This takes energy, enthusiasm and the will to tackle the large issues we face as a Region and Town.  We cannot continue to shy away from these challenges.

On October 27th, vote Sean O'Meara Region and Town Council

Posted on October 8, 2014 .

A Platform for Seniors in Bronte

Respecting seniors in our Community

There are a wide range of residents living in Bronte.  A large number of them are seniors with diverse needs.  I have had the pleasure of speaking with many seniors, hearing their needs and the issues they face in our community.  We need a vision to provide a healthy and inclusive community for all our seniors.

If elected, I will work to:

·         Ensure the sidewalks are obstruction free for that those with mobility devices can traverse Bronte with ease

·         Push for inclusive, no fee membership to Senior’s Community Centres and ensure a wide range of available programming, and drop-in areas where seniors can congregate anytime.

·         Work with Oakville Transit so that all seniors can have access to public transportation to the Q.E.P.C.C. and other central congregation areas

·         Be a regular voice for seniors in their condos, apartments and community centres by attending and hosting frequent drop in times at your buildings.

We need to ensure that our Harbour, sidewalks and senior centres are accessible for all citizens.

Posted on September 17, 2014 .

More stop and go....

It was another day trying to get home in Bronte this week.  An accident on the QEW, and what all residents in Ward 1 know, that means more gridlock for us.  Cars backed up beyond Great Lakes Blvd trying to cross the Rebecca Bridge; Bronte Road backed up both ways and our side streets funneling cars to avoid the congestion.

 Rebecca Bridge at Bronte.  Cars lined up beyond Great Lakes Blvd

Rebecca Bridge at Bronte.  Cars lined up beyond Great Lakes Blvd

Emergency vehicles cannot get out of the Fire Station, pedestrians compete with vehicles rushing to make the light and residents living on these main streets cannot even leave their driveways.

 Vehicles from Bridge Road try to squeeze onto Bronte Road

Vehicles from Bridge Road try to squeeze onto Bronte Road

Just another example of the issues we face in Ward 1.  I want to fix this, I want to make our needs a priority for Council please support me on October 27th to Get Bronte Moving

Posted on August 29, 2014 .

I know that Bronte Man!

The Oakville Beaver recently featured an article on my run for Regional and Town Council in Ward 1.

You can find the article here: http://www.insidehalton.com/news-story/4766535-bronte-man-eyes-oakville-s-ward-1-seat/ 

We're gaining momentum, the message is clear, now is the time to get involved and help Get Bronte Moving...... contact me to join the team and be a part of a better Bronte.  Email me at votesean@omeara.ca to find out how.

Thank you,


Posted on August 19, 2014 .

What a first 5 days!!

It was only 5 days ago, at 11:30am I registered to run in the Oakville elections.  Since then, we've got shirts, our first communications piece, a website and more on the way.  It has been nothing short of incredible.

What is more energizing has been the response at the door and volunteers who have come forward. 

First canvass of the campaign!

We've now knocked on over 300 doors and attended many events.  The Oakville Jazz Festival was phenomenal and looking forward to the Sick Kids fundraiser this week.

 Oakville Jazz Festival

Oakville Jazz festival, happy to hang out with the family and also speak with Bronte residents.

 Listening to a resident with her concerns about the development in Bronte...(and yes, that is the end of a waffle cone, my daughter ate most...that's my story and sticking to it.)

Listening to a resident with her concerns about the development in Bronte...(and yes, that is the end of a waffle cone, my daughter ate most...that's my story and sticking to it.)

Posted on August 10, 2014 .


I'm very excited to announce that today I filed my nomination papers for Regional & Town Councillor , Ward 1, Oakville. During the next few months, I look forward to introducing myself and my ideas as well as hearing from you.

 Moving forward...

Moving forward...

Posted on August 5, 2014 .