Speaking for the people in Ward 1

On a rainy night when Ward 1 residents had every reason to stay home, they choose to venture out to hear what their prospective municipal candidates had to say.  

Close to 300 attended the Queen Elizabeth Park Community and Cultural Centre with standing room only.  It was an opportunity for candidates to show their vision, bring forth their ideas and demonstrate their passion.

By the end of the night, I felt I had done just that.  Residents saw my passion, my commitment and my energy to the issues facing Ward 1.  I will not shy away from the major issues we need to accomplish.

•    I have a plan to get us moving, but more importantly I have the will and work ethic to push our needs from mere priorities to realities.

•    I want to work with Council to get the 20 year old approved Wyecroft Bridge from Bronte Road to the RioCan Centre on our capital plan. 
•    I want to get the underpass at the Burloak railway crossing on our capital plan.
•    I want to engage all of the Ward 1 business community and drive economic redevelopment forward and not just rely on our BIA to implement change. 
•    I want to work with our seniors to build a plan so that they can enjoy being out in our community and get around Bronte with ease.
•    I want to respect our green space and tree canopy so that my children and grandchildren will be able to enjoy them the way I have.
•    I want to work with the boating community to ensure our unique character and harbour are protected and that a Regional Watershed plan is put in place.

Most importantly I want to bring Town and Regional Council to you.  The conversation cannot be one way.  I want to work hard to ensure that every voice is heard, and we all have a shared ownership in our future.

This takes energy, enthusiasm and the will to tackle the large issues we face as a Region and Town.  We cannot continue to shy away from these challenges.

On October 27th, vote Sean O'Meara Region and Town Council

Posted on October 8, 2014 .