Any resident of Ward 1 knows how difficult it can be to get around our neighbourhoods.  Time and time again I hear residents complain of waiting in bumper to bumper traffic for up to 30 minutes to commute mere blocks. 

Congestion creates safety issues in side streets and environmental issues with the amount of idling traffic.  These hazards have a direct impact on the residents of Ward 1.

While other candidates look to federal and provincial levels of government, I will take action at the municipal level, where I hope to be elected to serve.

In 1998, plans were approved for the construction of two bridges across the Bronte Creek.  While the Rebecca Bridge went ahead, the Wyecroft expansion did not.  Despite all approvals being in place for close to twenty years and reaffirmed in 2006, Council still has not acted on planning for the bridge construction.   

Ward 1 residents deserve a plan to ease congestion, make our streets safe and ease emissions from idling cars.  If elected, I will make the planning and building of the Wyecroft Bridge my NUMBER ONE PRIORITY!  

To this day, the fully approved bridge is still not on the Town’s Ten Year Capital Forecast Plan.  If the construction had begun on time, by this time next year, Ward 1 residents on both sides of Bronte Creek would be home quicker and more safely.