Moving Forward Together

There is more work to be done and I know that together as a community we can continue to make Ward 1 the vibrant rejuvenated destination we have seen it become over the past four years. I am committed to continue hosting public meetings on all issues we face and look forward to your input on how best we move forward. Over the next four years, if re-elected, I will pursue the following as top priorities:

·         Seeing the Wyecroft Bridge to completion

·         Ensuring the reconstruction of Bronte Road intersections occurs to move traffic more freely

·         Secure land for a library/recreation centre in Palermo

·         Push to develop more commercial space in Palermo for a complete community

·         Work with Council to lower residential speed limits to 40km/hour

·         Roll out optimization of traffic lights across the Town

·         Bring forward Alternative Service Options for our Oakville Harbours

·         Make the Bronte Harbour Banquet Centre a top restaurant destination west of the GTA